Selasa, 9 Januari 2007

I'm in the mood for Love - The year for 7

January 09, 2007

Thank to God, finally... I manage to complete my digital darkroom. Although it takes ages but it does worth it. I'm so thankful; the year of 2006 does give me a memorable moment. The year of surviving... struggling...and planning... I laid back and watch how bad I was stumbled. Being under a huge rock and depressing moment are the most challenging for me. Recovering from the misery of loosing someone...someone called my love does putting me into the deepest and greatest agony in my life. However, I'm so thankful, there is always a way that help me to be brave and wise in getting my life back into action.
I'm always believe whenever I face an obstacles or sadness state I have to take some moment to organize and re-arrange back my strategy so that I'm always get myself up in front of my life.. I'm the one who control of my life as what it should be not life controls me. Therefore, I'm always being positive and motivated all the time. Books are my companion now. As always it does. Thanks to Anthony Robbins for his 'Awaken -The Giant Within' which was miraculous book I ever read. It's going to be my greatest tool for now and future.
This year 2007, going to be a bomb for me��� bomb to be exploded... I'm reaching into a new step of getting my dream come true... Being the best and well-known photographer and expand my business into huge and potential perspective. This year is year for 'ACTION' to me. I'm getting done with all the planning and analysis. It's enough for me. Putting all the necessary effort into actions is more important for me now. Hopefully with the strength that I've got I manage to embark myself and my business into higher level of perspective.

As Naruto with his dream... being greatest hokage and well-known Sanin... I've got mine too!! There are lots of potential in our self that sometime we couldn't believe we ever had it. So it's the time for us to discover the potential within... the capabilities that beyond our expectation. It's time to push it high... No worries on what next...whether fail or succeed. It's not a factor of failure... But it is a point of getting our self with the best strength we had gaining our dream with newly and innovative approach. Single shot sometime couldn't kill the bull, but with constant shot going to make it dead instantaneously.

Hopefully, I could see myself among the best around country. Although it is not a one day, a week or a month or a year work, but with the constant effort going to makes it work... No matter what...I shall not despair!!

I'm in the mood for love...
Hopefully I got someone who loves me for real and together we are building the bonding..the roof of success. It's not the matter of wealthy but the motivation and care will do. I really want to have someone besides me when the moment comes. The moment life begins. The moment empire starts to build...

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shape" Anthony Robbins..

January 09, 2007