Jumaat, 8 Disember 2006

Continuation of life

From : December 08, 2006

Lot of things occurring this year...so hectic...but the best part of most things that happen was, i discover one by one ability of myself.. i'm recovering... getting more and more as time goes by.. the strength i got from many sources, which sometime through the good and bad circumstances that was happen. In the other hand..not all the bad things that happen doesn't meant anything..right.. Its the way we handle things are things that most consider most. I'm begin to value everything that pass by... i really do... last time i always pointed out my imperfection...and hope someone who can manage to deal with it without having me to change them..i'm wrong... the imperfection is something that we HAVE to over calm.. we are not going to let all the imperfection blurring our mind and perception.Coz it somehow,someway will make control of ourself...sooner or later whether we realize it or not..

I do believe..coz i'm believer... i do believe what are meant for me is meant for me...i try to fetch and grap them as i could.. if i think i'm not worth for it or the other way around i shall let it go... without any doubt... coz i'm really tired.. hopes sometimes make me depress.. the depression getting deeper and cannot being controlled easily..so the best portion is let the unconditional things go.. sometimes we cannot have both things at the same time.. or sometimes not all what we want we can achieve..even though we struggle and trying hard to grap them... i let fate play its role.. keep the faith all around.. again... if that things are meant for me it will come...

Ending up this year gonna make me one step a head..to place where i always dream of.. Stood tall...sit firm... Hopefully the year 2007 giving me lots n lots of passion. Passion into finding something deeper..love perhaps... bringing my Photography Business one step ahead..bringing my life into full enjoyment..love..care..passion... It's gonna be new me.. strong..wise...confident..lovely...passionate.. caring...

Happy anniversary for our relationship... 'love is in the air'

December 08, 2006